Oxford Waterpolo Club is an established club in Oxford.

The club has a senior mens and senior ladies team and has weekly training sessions at Radley College just south of Oxford.   Our regular training slot is Mondays 8.30 pm to 10.00 or 10.30 pm.

Currently we do not have a junior side so are restricted to club members 18 and older.


The mens team play in Division 2 of the Midlands League and also participates in the Southern Counties league.


The ladies team has been playing in the  the London League since 2009 but are currently looking to strengthen the squad.  Every first Monday of the month is an open invitation night for new ladies to join.


Both sides take part in friendly matches, tournaments and the annual Town vs Gown match vs Oxford University.


See Club Details page for joining Oxford Water polo or arranging matches.

 Annual Dinner Feb 2022

Player's Player of the Year 2021 Femke Spragg (L) and Captain's Award Hazel Cutler (R)

Ladies Player of 2021 Kate Annat


Water Polo Awards 2019  L to R  Katie Bell (Ladies Player of the Year); John Cardy (Captain's Award); Ashley Keen (Players' Player of the Year); Elise Reid (Captain's Award).  Missing from photo are Antonia Neild (Players' Player of the Year) and Norbert Sinka (Player of the Year)




Oxford Water Polo Annual Awards 2018

L-R: Ash Keen, Player of the Year;  Elise Reid, Captain's Award; Reg Koster, Captain's Award;  Katie Salter, Player of the Year;  Alberto Tallarigo, Player's Player of the Year.

Missing from photo Weiyi Tan Ladies Player's Player of the Year.



2017 Award Winners (L to R):  Alberto Tallarigo (Player), David Golley (T), Colin McNamara (Cpt Award), Nora Braak (T), Sam Wells (Player's Player), Kate Richards (Cpt Award), Jess Jackson (Player's Player),  Ceri Williams (Player).



Oxford Waterpolo 2016 Awards:  L to R   Kate Richards (Player's Player);  Nora Braak (Captain's Award); Colin McNamara Captain's Award); David Golley (Player's Player).



Award Winners 2015:  L to R -  Simone Lombardini (Player of Year), Ashley Keen (Players Player);  Paola Bisicchia (Player of Year); David Golley (Special Trophy); Ed Wibberley (Captain's Award).




Awards for 2014:  L-R  Catherine Routledge (Captain's Award);  Ceri Williams (Player's Player); Jeff Karoly (Captain's Award);  John Cardy (Player's Player);  Alicia Perez (Player of 2014).   Missing - Brennan Nicholls (Player of 2014).


2013 Awards Winners:  L-R,  Lianne Castle (Player's Player); Charlene Harris

(Captain's award); Miss of the Year Catherine Routledge


2013 Awards Winners: L-R, Simone Lombardini (Player); Norbert Sinka (Player's Player)

Chris Gurney (Captain's Award).


Beauty and the Beasts!  Jo's search for new heights means she is heading up north

but not before she made the team walk the plank for her! 



Awards 2012 L-R  John Cardy Player's Player of the Year,  Ashley Keen Player of the Year, John Buckley Captain's Award,  Louise Fuller Player of the Year, Jo Ibbotson Player's Player of the Year, Laura Highton Captain's Award.   




Oxford Ladies team at Town vs Gown 2012


Club Awards 2011:  L to R:  Captain's Award Helen Cook; Player's Player Michaela Smith; Captain's Award Ashley Keen; Player of the Year Gabriela Porter; Player and Player's Player of the Year Adam Novak.


Ladies and Mens Captains, Norbi & Nats, at Annual Dinner 2011



Club Chairman John Buckley opens the Annual 2011 awards night. 


More photos on our Facebook site (see link on tab More about Polo & LInks) or

link below to Photobox.


Click here to see album of Antonia's pix of the Annual Dinner 2011


Charlotte Jones, Founding Ladies Captain, at her recent testimonial game

(played in fancy dress to handicap the mens team)



Oxford Waterpolo Team including old boys at Mark's Testimonial



Back Row L-R: Nick Boaz, Gareth Davies, Mark Ashton, Gergely Berczi, Dean Toomey, Adam Novak, Brett Phipps, Norbert Sinka

Middle L-R: Ashley Keen, Chris Gurney, Dave Golley, Brennan Nicholls

Front L-R: Reg Koster, Dave Eyles, John Cardy, John Buckley


2010 Oxford Ladies Waterpolo team





Midway through the season and Oxford are in 4th place in Midland League Division One



2010 Oxford Waterpolo Club Award Winners



Mens Player 2010 Adam Novak (L)               Ladies Player 2010 Laura Simonite (R)



Players' Player 2010 Norbert Sinka               Players' Player 2010 Lianne Castle (L)



Captain's Award Gabor Aliban (L)                  Captain's Award Antionio Glynne-Jones (L)


2009 Oxford Waterpolo Club Award Winners



Player of the Year 2009

L Captain Norbert Sinka (L) awards Player of the Year 2009 to Chris Gurney (R)

R Captain Charlotte Jones (R) awards Player of the Year 2009 to Melanie Beckett (L)




Players' Player of the Year 2009

L Club captain Charlotte Jones (R) awards Players Player 2009 to Nathalie Smith (R)

R Reg Koster (R) awards Players Player 2009 to Norbert Sinka (L)



Captain's Award 2009

L Club Captain Norbert Sinka (R) awards Mark Ashton (L) Captain's Award 2009

R Club Captain Charlotte Jones (L) awards Paula Croxson (R) Captain's Award 2009

Past Winners - Men

Year    Player                   Player's Player                Captain's Award
2004   Nigel Brown               Reg Koster                           Dave Golley
2005   John Cardy                Luke Williams                       Affif Gazette
2006   Luke Williams             Mark Ashton                         Reg Koster
2007   John Cardy                Dean Toomey                       Brennan Nicholls
2008   Darren de Bruyn        Norbert Sinka                        Dave Golley

2009   Chris Gurney             Norbert Sinka                        Mark Ashton

2010   Adam Novak              Norbert Sinka                        Gabor Aliban

2011   Adam Novak              Adam Novak                          Ashley Keen

2012   Ashley Keen              John Cardy                            John Buckley

2013   Simone Lombardini    Norbert Sinka                        Chris Gurney

2014   Brennan Nicholls        John Cardy                            Jeff Karoly

2015   Simone Lombardini     Ashley Keen                          Ed Wibberley

2016   Matt Veale                 David Golley                          Colin McNamara

2017   Alberto Tallarigo         Sam Wells                             Colin McNamara

2018   Ashley Keen               Alberto Tallarigo                    Reg Koster

2019   Norbert Sinka             Ashley Keen                          John Cardy

2021   Sam Lowings              Chris Gurney                         Colin Gasper

Past Winners - Ladies

Year    Player                      Players' Player                       Captain's Award

2007   Charlotte Jones
2008   Laura Middleton         Michaela (Mac) Smith                    Helen Cook

2009   Melanie Beckett         Nathalie Smith                              Paula Croxson

2010   Laura Simonite          Lianne Castle                                Anotonia Glynne-Jones

2011   Gabriela Porter          Michaela (Mac) Smith                     Helen Cook

2012   Louise Fuller              Jo Ibbotson                                   Laura Highton

2013   Phoebe Nicholls          Lianne Castle                                Charlene Harris

2014   Alicia Perez                Ceri Williams                                 Catherine Routledge

2015   Paola Bisicchia            Lianne Castle

2016   Emma Bird                 Kate Richards                                Nora Braak

2017   Ceri Williams              Jess Jackson                                  Kate Richards

2018   Katie Salter                Weiyi Tan                                      Elise Reid

2019   Katie Bell                    Antonia Neild                                Elise Reid

2021   Kate Annat                 Femke Spragg                                Hazel Cutler


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